Sushi no Rubber

from by Apollo Bebop



Ayo I'm coming raw somethings off/
Murdering beats with no remorse feeling like I did nothing wrong/
Yucky like I cuz the cheese and nasty like the underarm of running slobs/
I'm all original, these lames are doing cover songs of other dogs/
Who aren't even that great, they can suck my knob/
Cookie cutter crappy rappers are so unattractive/
Catholic priests wouldn't even wanna touch they're balls/
Fuck em all I'm spiking harder than a volleyball/
I party hard all the time similar to hot rod/
But nobody knows me like the guy that went and shot Pac/
Pop goes the weasel and so do these pop rocks/
I'm popping all the people who believe that all this pop rocks/
Lyrical anarchy until I hit the top spot/
Writers block won't stop me and neither will a cock block/
Got bods jumping like they're playing games of hop scotch/
With every line I spit cuz I'm the shit I'm the caca/
Flowing like diarrhea spewing out my bum bum/
Got your girl giving me a blumpkin and she's loving on my dumdum/
Finished my business then I told her I was done Hun/
She asked me if I liked her I said somewhat/
But not really. And the I called her a cab/
When she left I started writing straight up slaughtering tracks/
I'm only 22 I got the quality raps in quantity stacks/
I am fuckin awesome in fact/
What do Molotovs, kamikaze bombers and Brian have in common/
Well not much, just know we all result in/
A form of destruction so call in all departments/
And sound the alarms cuz I'm getting ready to explode like atomic bombs/
When I'm dropping all these bars/
Fuck going ham. I'm a 90s kid so I'm going Onyx hard/
Believing in the heart of cards/
Ladies yelling "Hey!" Like I'm Arnold, y'all/
My flow is cold like an otter pop/
And I am blessed with lyrical precision/
I am number one like Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen/
So haters pay attention to every single word I speak/
And get burned to the third degree/
Get left needing surgery/
Every time I murk the beat/
Spitting it so perfectly/
Eating rappers up with forks and knives common courtesy/
I'm known to spit the truth and you're know for spitting that perjury/
I'm the future of Hip Hop and the best emcee currently/

Isn't it obvious that I'm Hispanic?/
Isn't it obvious that I'm his panic?/
So every times I grab the mic he's like "Shit, damnit/
Just my presence alone causes quick damage/
To these actors turned rappers comparable to Nick Cannon/
You're so awkward with the flow like a girl trying to piss standing/
Or like Nicki Minaj trying to fit in spandex/
My flow is sick grotesque and rancid/
If I was really trying then you couldn't fuckin handle it/
That's when if cops were to catch me with a mic/
Then I'll probably be sentenced to 25 to life/
Cuz I be killing emcees this is my weapon of choice/
I don't need any bullets all I need is my voice/
To get the job done. You suck, man. I'm awesome/
If you don't Wanna be beat then I suggest you keep your jaw shut/
Cuz I'm the real deal 100% authentic/
I be fuckin bitches up as if I had a dog fetish/


from Sushi no Rubber EP, released June 21, 2016
Brian to Earth: Emcee
Dom Cruz: Guitar/Bass
Chris Trimmer: Guitar/Bass
DeAndre Grover: Tenor Sax
Donovan Cruz: Drums



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Apollo Bebop Santa Ana, California

Apollo Bebop is a Santa Ana, CA, based band dedicated to giving the world a contemporary marriage of jazz and hip hop.

Brian to Earth: Emcee
DeAndre Grover: Tenor Sax
Dom Cruz: Guitar/Bass
Chris Trimmer: Guitar/Bass
Donovan Cruz: Drums
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