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Life is great/
It's not to say it's not without mistakes/
It ain't always easy or a piece of cake/
But believe me when i say that i appreciate/
Just the fact that I wake up and I am breathing straight/
I'm pretty healthy even though I'm not eating great/
But at least I ate/
"I'm giving up" is something I don't even say/
Everyday's a struggle but it's not like I need a break
All i need's a page/
A pen or pencil so I can try and alleviate/
or lessen any stress and/or problems that I am feeling may/
Interrupt or slow down my mind cuz it's a speeding train/
And that'd be a shame/
If everything i worked for went up in a sea of flames/
I am not here to be seeking fame/
I just don't wanna fail and I'm hoping i don't see that day/

I may trip, but I never fall/
An if I did I would pick my ass up and I would stand up tall/
Cuz in this institution you win some you lose some/
Keep moving and one day you will catch that break/
With each passing day I know my passions stays/
And grows in numbers untold I'm going passed that stage/
Of insecurity I'm sure to be the cat the stays/
Relevant and every element, eve after passing away/
Scared of death man of course I am/
But not because I don't know what is after life/
But rather leaving earth before I get the chance/
To show that I can change the world when I grab the mic/
It's a long road ahead of me. It's kind of unsettling/
But I know I am getting there steadily/
My fear is what drives me my passion inspires me/
And I know I am in this entirely/


from Sushi no Rubber EP, released June 21, 2016
Brian to Earth: Emcee
Dom Cruz: Guitar/Bass
Chris Trimmer: Guitar/Bass
Keith Matten: Drums



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Apollo Bebop Santa Ana, California

Apollo Bebop is a Santa Ana, CA, based band dedicated to giving the world a contemporary marriage of jazz and hip hop.

Brian to Earth: Emcee
DeAndre Grover: Tenor Sax
Dom Cruz: Guitar/Bass
Chris Trimmer: Guitar/Bass
Donovan Cruz: Drums
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