Sushi no Rubber EP

by Apollo Bebop

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Their first EP as a group, "Sushi no Rubber EP" released in June of 2016, is a testament to the bands writing and recording process. All songs were written, recorded, produced and mixed in-house by the band members, themselves. Because of the DIY approach to their first EP, the songs recorded have an element of unvarnished vulnerability to them while still keeping true to the backbone of their hip-hop and jazz influences.


released June 21, 2016

Brian to Earth: Emcee
Dom Cruz: Guitar/Bass
Chris Trimmer: Guitar/Bass
DeAndre Grover: Tenor Sax
Donovan Cruz: Drums

*Keith Matten: Drums ("Entirely")


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Apollo Bebop Santa Ana, California

Apollo Bebop is a Santa Ana, CA, based band that makes dope shit.

Brian to Earth: Emcee
DeAndre Grover: Tenor Sax
Dom Cruz: Guitar/Bass
Chris Trimmer: Guitar/Bass
Donovan Cruz: Drums
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Track Name: Same Ol' Thang
Verse 1
I've had the same hair cut for two years no/
I say the same dumb shit when I free style/
I order all the same food when I eat out/
Whenever I drive, I'm taking the same street routes/
Do the peace sign whenever I say, "Peace Out!"/
Two verse songs instead of three down/
Call the same girl when I'm looking for a rebound/
I get the same response. She's saying that I should leave town ugly clown/
And i be loud/
When I'm making music, mama starts to freak out/
And she gets mad when I forget to put the seat down/
After I use the bathroom when I pee. How/
Am I supposed to break out of these routines/
Day in and day out like it's looping/
I don't know, I don't know
I don't know why...
I don't know, I don't know
I don't know why...

I keep on going back to the same ol thangs (4x)

Verse 2
I got thousands of songs in my iTunes/
But there's only like 5 songs that I choose/
I never buy new if I can buy used/
And I never gamble cuz I think I might lose/
Been saying the same jokes since high school/
Still haven't grown got an immature mind too/
Still have a hard time telling girls, "I like you"
I'd rather write a love song, poem, telegram or a haiku/
I keep a light mood/
I ain't tryna fight fools with lo IQs/
Still not sure what I', doing with my life who/
Am I supposed to be? Am I making the right moves?
It's not like I don't try, dude/
I'm just not a fan of change like nickels and dimes OOO/
but I don't know, I don't know
I don't know why...
I don't know, I don't know
I don't know why...
Track Name: Das Lyfe
I'm not old, but I ain't getting younger/
Fending for myself trying not to die of hunger/
Got some shit to deal with like if i Was a plumber/
I get asked if I know what I'm doing and all i say is "somewhat"/
Cuz I can't plan tomorrow/
Unlike money, time i cannot borrow/
Make the most of whatever I can get. Every single sec/
Whenever I see and opportunity of course I'm gonna jet/
And take it, cuz who knows when the next one comes/
I'm tired of sitting in my room feeling down in the dumps/
Waiting for someone to give me hand out/
Fuck that I'm a man now. I'm getting off this damn couch/
Making moves, breaking the rules, paying my dues/
Doing everything and anything to get in the room/
with the greats become mates and creat all these tunes/
this is what I was destined to do since I came out of the womb/
and soon I'm gonna go BOOM/
Take the world by storm, typhoon or monsoon/
Become a force of nature, destroyer and creator/
So if you're in my way, then hey I'll see you later/
Cuz I ain't got time for the people that are fickle/
Or the people that are liars fuckin spineless individuals/
Word is bond it's that easy aint no mystery or riddle Das Lyfe

To see the light you gotta open your eyes and Das Lyfe

Still Learning wheels turning I am sure I feel certain/
That BTE is gonna become real urgent/
Headlines on headlines. people gone respect mines/
Thinking about me constantly. Even passed they bed times/
Humming all my melodies and lyrics because they really feel it/
and every word is speaking to the spirits/
of the common man. get you on your feet make you wanna dance/
flow been so nice that I got great karma man/
mama really raised me well/
Even though half of the time she be raising hell/
Keeping me in line so i can stay on track/
Now when I spit these lines ima stay on track/
I'm trying to stay focused on the mission/
so I open up my eyes so I can keep sight of the vision/
see the light that keeps me going and wont stop until I'm finished with my life
Das Lyfe

To see the light you gotta open your eyes and Das Lyfe

I'm trying to stay focused on the mission/
so I open up my eyes so I can keep sight of the vision/
see the light that keeps me going and wont stop until I'm finished with my life
Track Name: Entirely
Life is great/
It's not to say it's not without mistakes/
It ain't always easy or a piece of cake/
But believe me when i say that i appreciate/
Just the fact that I wake up and I am breathing straight/
I'm pretty healthy even though I'm not eating great/
But at least I ate/
"I'm giving up" is something I don't even say/
Everyday's a struggle but it's not like I need a break
All i need's a page/
A pen or pencil so I can try and alleviate/
or lessen any stress and/or problems that I am feeling may/
Interrupt or slow down my mind cuz it's a speeding train/
And that'd be a shame/
If everything i worked for went up in a sea of flames/
I am not here to be seeking fame/
I just don't wanna fail and I'm hoping i don't see that day/

I may trip, but I never fall/
An if I did I would pick my ass up and I would stand up tall/
Cuz in this institution you win some you lose some/
Keep moving and one day you will catch that break/
With each passing day I know my passions stays/
And grows in numbers untold I'm going passed that stage/
Of insecurity I'm sure to be the cat the stays/
Relevant and every element, eve after passing away/
Scared of death man of course I am/
But not because I don't know what is after life/
But rather leaving earth before I get the chance/
To show that I can change the world when I grab the mic/
It's a long road ahead of me. It's kind of unsettling/
But I know I am getting there steadily/
My fear is what drives me my passion inspires me/
And I know I am in this entirely/
Track Name: Where'd It Go?
We used to cherish all the greatness/
We used to love ours creatives/
We used to praise innovators/
And get wowed by entertainers/
We used to push ourselves and our limits/
We done fell and got stitches/
Went through hell but yo listen/
We done came back and took no shit from no gimmicks/
I put my soul in this and wish for more minutes/
To spit this shit that's slick as Rick I'm rich/
But no figures can sink or slow this ship/
No matter whoever my opponent is. I'm known for this/
But now they telling me to go slow/
I'm too smart too fast. That's a a no-no?/
So now I'm looking around and I ask where'd it go?/
Cuz the bar is so damn low/

Whatever happened to the fire and the passion?/
Whatever happened to inspiring the masses?/
Cuz I feel like I'm only getting a fraction/

I can't even see no more, no/
I can't even see it no more/
Makes me believe that the bar is the floor/
And now I'm having to ask where'd it go cuz the bar is so damn low/

I get scared for the state of the music it's all for amusement/
The opposite of smart it is stupid/
No song moves me they are useless/
It's like we are courage and the entertainment bizz is Eustace/
And I'm just trying to give my two cents/
Cuz hardly any artist has anything to do with/
Future human improvement. It's only pollution/
And I'm looking around like who's got the solution/
Cuz these kids are too faded and too jaded/
Only care about you if you famous/
Only care about the image that you making/
Then they rep it likes its there's like "It's cool ain't it?"/
It's all about the branding endorsements/
Instead your message nah that's not important/
So I'm looking around and I'm having to ask where'd it go/
Cuz the bar is so damn low/

Whatever happened to the fire and the passion?/
Whatever happened to inspiring the masses?/
Cuz I feel like I'm only getting a fraction/
Track Name: Sushi no Rubber
Ayo I'm coming raw somethings off/
Murdering beats with no remorse feeling like I did nothing wrong/
Yucky like I cuz the cheese and nasty like the underarm of running slobs/
I'm all original, these lames are doing cover songs of other dogs/
Who aren't even that great, they can suck my knob/
Cookie cutter crappy rappers are so unattractive/
Catholic priests wouldn't even wanna touch they're balls/
Fuck em all I'm spiking harder than a volleyball/
I party hard all the time similar to hot rod/
But nobody knows me like the guy that went and shot Pac/
Pop goes the weasel and so do these pop rocks/
I'm popping all the people who believe that all this pop rocks/
Lyrical anarchy until I hit the top spot/
Writers block won't stop me and neither will a cock block/
Got bods jumping like they're playing games of hop scotch/
With every line I spit cuz I'm the shit I'm the caca/
Flowing like diarrhea spewing out my bum bum/
Got your girl giving me a blumpkin and she's loving on my dumdum/
Finished my business then I told her I was done Hun/
She asked me if I liked her I said somewhat/
But not really. And the I called her a cab/
When she left I started writing straight up slaughtering tracks/
I'm only 22 I got the quality raps in quantity stacks/
I am fuckin awesome in fact/
What do Molotovs, kamikaze bombers and Brian have in common/
Well not much, just know we all result in/
A form of destruction so call in all departments/
And sound the alarms cuz I'm getting ready to explode like atomic bombs/
When I'm dropping all these bars/
Fuck going ham. I'm a 90s kid so I'm going Onyx hard/
Believing in the heart of cards/
Ladies yelling "Hey!" Like I'm Arnold, y'all/
My flow is cold like an otter pop/
And I am blessed with lyrical precision/
I am number one like Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen/
So haters pay attention to every single word I speak/
And get burned to the third degree/
Get left needing surgery/
Every time I murk the beat/
Spitting it so perfectly/
Eating rappers up with forks and knives common courtesy/
I'm known to spit the truth and you're know for spitting that perjury/
I'm the future of Hip Hop and the best emcee currently/

Isn't it obvious that I'm Hispanic?/
Isn't it obvious that I'm his panic?/
So every times I grab the mic he's like "Shit, damnit/
Just my presence alone causes quick damage/
To these actors turned rappers comparable to Nick Cannon/
You're so awkward with the flow like a girl trying to piss standing/
Or like Nicki Minaj trying to fit in spandex/
My flow is sick grotesque and rancid/
If I was really trying then you couldn't fuckin handle it/
That's when if cops were to catch me with a mic/
Then I'll probably be sentenced to 25 to life/
Cuz I be killing emcees this is my weapon of choice/
I don't need any bullets all I need is my voice/
To get the job done. You suck, man. I'm awesome/
If you don't Wanna be beat then I suggest you keep your jaw shut/
Cuz I'm the real deal 100% authentic/
I be fuckin bitches up as if I had a dog fetish/

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